• Everyday Hero

    The film tells the true story of a man who rebuilds a poverty-stricken village in southern China after it is destroyed in a typhoon.

  • Amazing China

    Amazing China, a documentary film that recorded China's achievements in the past five years.

  • The Monkey King 3: Kingdom of Women

    A travelling monk and his followers find themselves trapped in a land inhabited by only women. 

  • Forever Young

    From World War, to revolution and ultimately rebirth, Forever Young is the story of four generations spanning a hundred years of modern Chinese history. 

  • Youth

    A look at the lives of members of a Military Cultural Troupe in the 1970s. 

    •   The film digital certificate management and key service platform is a national film industry screening authorization service platform (KDM platform for short) designed, developed and operated by DMCC according to the plan and requirements of SAPPRFT. By collectively managing the screening equipment digital certificates and screening authorizations of commercial theaters across China, it achieves hall-specific precise management of film screening key authorizations and screening permissions for film distributors and theaters. While providing just, fair and open standardized service for the film industry’s distribution and screening key authorizations, it also realizes effective monitoring o...
    •   According to the administrative requirements of the government, the platform collects and publicizes copyright-related information of films screened at all on-demand theaters. It is an information publishing platform combining the functions of ensuring the lawful operation of on-demand theaters, safeguarding film copyright holders and public supervision of the lawful operation of on-demand theaters. It is also the platform through which the state releases important supervision-related information and public notifications concerning the lawful operation of on-demand theaters.
    •   The digital film trade platform, evolving around old films on the digital film content storage platform and new films produced in recent years, provides technical support and service to the film market. So far, 289 distributors have signed technical service consignment agreements with DMCC, which utilizes the digital film trade platform to release films to the film screening market. The platform now distributes a total of over 3,600 films, covering the genres of features, popular science films, documentaries, animated films and opera films and has become the only source supply platform for nationwide public-benefit film screening and mobile commercial film screening.
    •   With the boom of the Chinese film industry, the demand for film has becoming increasingly personalized. After SAPPRFT promulgated relevant policies, DMCC has built the on-demand theater platform. Based on the on-demand theater technical system security standard III, it provides films to on-demand theaters. Now the platform can make distributions of 70 films for on-demand theaters every day. With a KDM processing rate of 7,000 every second, it can fully meet the demand of the industry of on-demand film screening.
    •   SAPPRFT entrust to DMCC the responsibility for building and operating the nationwide service platform for film digital copy satellite distribution and transmission, the only state-run platform in China which transmit digital film copies to city theaters via satellite. With the stable transmission rate as high as 90Mb/s, the platform is capable of transmitting 1,000 copies of 2K digital films per version every year. In 2016, it transmitted 211 films, totaling 392 versions, of which there are 122 3D versions and 270 2D versions. So far, theaters across which have installed satellite signal receiving facilities have amounted to nearly 3,000. By the end of 2017, the number will rise to 5,000, ...
    •   The digital film content storage platform, making use of lossless video coding and decoding technology, cluster (cloud) computing technology, cluster (cloud) storage technology and virtualization technology, focuses on resolving multiple key technologies including film version conversion, multi-definition, multi-format & multi-color space transcoding, resource data capital management, etc. With its services of coordinated intelligent allocation and swift, flexible deployment, the system can achieve the master key storage management of master sources, various release-version data packets and city releases. It supports the production of multiple film releases, achieves the fully automatic, h...

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    Chinese Box Office Review past

    Ranking: Movies Monthly box office (¥10,000)

    • Avengers: Infinity War 214642
    • Us And Them 57133
    • How Long Will I Love U 54474
    • A or B 20549
    • A Quiet Place 18226
    • Rampage 14489
    • Baahubali 2: The Conclusion 7559
    • Solo: A Star Wars Story 6822
    • Ready Player One 4126
    • I Am Your Mom 3597